To be quite honest, during the first several months of our meetings we struggled with worshipping together as we had no clear worship leader.  Sometimes we genuinely wanted to and tried –  including singing a cappella, singing with songs on youtube, reading scripture, etc. (и така на така).

But, eventually worship become anything but .. worship.

In late 2014 we, as a church, stood at a turning point.  So based simply on a first century pastor’s advice to an early church that found itself at a similar turning point, we collectively made the decision to be obedient and not “abandon meeting together”.   Generally, a decision requires some following actions.  In our situation, it seemed reasonable that we each deliberately become more considerate of our attitudes and willingness to honor God when we would gather to meet.  In other words, not just “go to church” but rather to “be” a church body.

Early in this revitalized mindset Sneze brought in a couple youtube songs for worship, but didn’t just play them.  She spoke to us about how and why she chose those songs, and how they had through the week brought her focus back to God and His love and truths while other aspects of life tried so to draw her attention elsewhere.

She led us in worship.

Sneze had modeled a new possiblity, and since that time we’ve all become more involved in worship in music.  We’ve recently even gone from 2 songs a week to 4 simply because we are enjoying together, singing together, laughing together, making mistakes together… all while worshipping God together.

We’re even known in certain circles (well, ok, we may be the only ones who know this) as the Ohrid Church International Tabernacle Choir.

The key to all this is – we didn’t start this new path with a great plan, nor are we suddenly more musically talented than we’ve always been.  We had no idea, really, what this would look like or that it could even work out, especially given our previous experiences.

We simply chose obedience and to participate with God as He worked out the details in our hearts.

Surely, such a God is worthy of our worship.


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